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Four Roses Coffee Company

El Salvador

El Salvador

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Our El Salvador single-origin coffee is roasted to a medium/dark perfection. In addition, we sourced the best coffee beans from El Salvador, which resulted in a flavor profile of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. The coffee we got from El Salvador has become an instant favorite among our local community.

Additional Product Details

  • Flavor Profile: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel
  • Coffee Roast - Medium/Dark
  • Available Coffee Sizes:
    • 1lb / 16oz
    • 1/2lb / 8oz
  • Grind Options:
    • Whole Bean:
      • Best suited for when you wish to grind your beans
    • Ground:
      • Standard ground coffee is best used for all of your typical and traditional coffee drip machines
    • Coarse:
      • used for cold brewing and or french press machines
    • Espresso:
      • Best suited for use with an espresso-making machine.

    The Four Roses Coffee Promise

    1. Fresh Guaranteed - We continually source coffee that has been harvested fresh within the last few months.
    2. Quality Control - All of our coffee goes through a complete inspection before roasting.
    3. Small Batch Roasted - All of our coffee is roasted in small batches, and it helps make sure that all the coffee beans are roasted to perfection.
    4. Roast to Order - We don't roast in big batches and then wait for your order. Instead, we get to roasting when you order, making sure your coffee is at its freshest possible.

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    Shipping and Local Delivery 

    At Four Roses Coffee, our primary goal is to provide fresh, high-quality coffee. With our roast-to-order policy, you know that you are getting freshly roasted coffee. However, we understand that no one likes to wait for their coffee, and at Four Roses Coffee, we do our utmost best to make sure that you get that fresh, quality coffee as soon as possible.

    While shipping times can vary based on the day and time of your order, we make sure to get roasting as soon as you order. We typically wait for 24hrs after roasting your coffee to allow the coffee time to rest and develop its unique flavors before packaging. We ask you to allow us a 2-5 day period to ship out or deliver your freshly roasted coffee. 

    Meet The Farmer!

    Finca Buenos Aires is a 337 ha farm network and mill located in the golden belt of Salvadoran coffee farming on Ilamatepec, the volcano of Santa Ana. The operation is owned by Ricardo Kriete, a 4th generation coffee producer.

    As a boy growing up on Finca El Rosario, the farm his family-owned since1952, Ricardo fell in love with coffee. He dreamed of one day following in the footsteps of his parents and owning El Rosario. His goal: to grow the family business and become a purveyor of high-quality coffee. Seven years ago, that dream became a reality.

    Under Ricardo, El Rosario flourished. The strong results enabled him to expand his operations. His focus was on finding farms with the potential to produce outstanding coffees at the best possible heights. In 2014 Ricardo acquired Finca Buenos Aires, on Ilamatepec. At an average altitude of 1,200 to 1,350 meters above sea level and 1,900 to 2,200 mm of rainfall per year, Buenos Aires enjoys ideal coffee cultivating conditions. The varieties of coffee found on this farm are Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, and Pacamara.

    Finca Buenos Aires unlocked more capacity for Ricardo, but the real advantage came with the mill at Buenos Aires. Being able to mill his own coffee meant that Ricardo could control quality from roots to export and have greater control over the price his coffee fetched.

    The mill at Buenos Aires specializes in natural, washed, and honey process coffees. Coffees are dried on African beds with varying amounts of sun and shade.

    Thirsty for more growth, in 2017, Ricardo purchased two neighboring farms: Finca Santo Tomas, a 122 ha farm, and Finca Mencia, a 14.5 ha farm in the same region. Through the new acquisitions, Buenos Aires expanded its production capacity and its selection to include varietals such as SL28 and Maragogipe 

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