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Four Roses Coffee Company

Golden Rose

Golden Rose

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Our lightest roast ever is our new Golden Rose coffee. Golden Rose is a blend of specific South American coffee beans combined to make the smoothes coffee roast we have. The lighter the roast is, the smoother it is, plus the additional caffeine you get from a lighter roast coffee makes this the perfect anytime you want coffee. 

Additional Product Details

  • Flavor Profile: Peanut, Buttery, Smooth
  • Coffee Roast - Light/Blond
  • Available Coffee Sizes:
    • 1lb / 16oz
    • 1/2lb / 8oz
  • Grind Options:
    • Whole Bean:
      • Best suited for when you wish to grind your beans
    • Ground:
      • Standard ground coffee is best used for all of your typical and traditional coffee drip machines
    • Coarse:
      • Used for cold brewing and or french press machines
    • Espresso:
      • Best suited for use with an espresso-making machine.

    The Four Roses Coffee Promise

    1. Fresh Guaranteed - We continually source coffee that has been harvested fresh within the last few months.
    2. Quality Control - All of our coffee goes through a complete inspection before roasting.
    3. Small Batch Roasted - All of our coffee is roasted in small batches, which helps ensure that all the coffee beans are roasted to perfection.
    4. Roast to Order - We don't roast in big batches and wait for your order. Instead, we get to roasting when you order, making sure your coffee is at its freshest possible. 

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    Shipping and Local Delivery 

    At Four Roses Coffee, our primary goal is to provide fresh, high-quality coffee. Our roast-to-order policy lets you know that you are getting freshly roasted coffee. However, we understand that no one likes to wait for their coffee, and at Four Roses Coffee, we do our utmost best to ensure that you get that fresh, quality coffee as soon as possible.

    While shipping times can vary based on the day and time of your order, we ensure to get roasting as soon as you order. We typically wait for 24hrs after roasting your coffee to allow the coffee time to rest and develop its unique flavors before packaging. After that, we ask you to let us 2-5 days to ship out or deliver your freshly roasted coffee. 

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