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Four Roses Coffee Company

Four Roses Coffee Rub

Four Roses Coffee Rub

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Coffee is not just for breakfast anymore! Let us help you level up your BBQ game with our coffee rub. Whether you are a BBQ legend or someone who could use a little help, our coffee rub will be sure to elevate your grilling game. Choose a rub with authentic flavor and impress your guest at the next tailgate or backyard BBQ. Our rub is suitable for all red meats like beef, chicken, duck, or even lamb.

What makes our rub special?

  1. We used a Brazilan blend of coffee beans that we gave a perfect medium-dark roast profile.
  2. These Brazil beans are roasted fresh for our spices too. Yes, you heard that right, we roast our coffee fresh, unlike other rubs that use old, stale coffee leftover from months back. 

We use a unique blend of our Brazilian coffee beans, brown sugar, paprika, garlic, and onion powered to make one fantastic rub!

Give it a shot for yourself or as a gift! 

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