The Ultimate Guide for Using Coffee on Your Plants

The Ultimate Guide for Using Coffee on Your Plants

Did you know you can use that left-over coffee to fertilize your plants? Well, you can, by using those left-over coffee grounds and brewed coffee, you can give your plants a healthy boost. Coffee can be used as a source of nitrogen for plants. It provides healthy green growth, and strong stems are both required for your plants' health.

However, it would help if you didn't drop whatever is left straight on your plants. You should first dilute the coffee before you put on your plants. For a visual, it should look like a week tea, and you should be aiming for about ¼ coffee to ¾ water for your mixture. It doesn't need to be an exact science as everyone brews their coffee differently, if you brew strong coffee, perhaps adding diluting it with a bit more water. Use your coffee grounds as a compost, take them a sprinkle them onto your plant's soil, as it would only help them grow even better.

Give a boost to any of your plants, potted plants, houseplants, or give a boost to your vegetable garden when you use coffee and coffee grounds. Just be sure not to overdo it. Coffee can be acidic, but since we are diluting, it shouldn't be a huge problem, as long as you are not watering the same plant every day. Try this technique once a week for the best results.

At Four Roses Coffee Co we have the coffee, and you have the plants. Try our Bali Blue coffee blend and when your done brewing let your plants have some of that delicious grounds to give them a boost. The Bali Blue single-origin organic coffee will have you dreaming of those bright blue waters of Bali. This medium/dark roast coffee has flavors of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar. 

Bali Blue Coffee
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