The Top 5 Rules For The Best Cup of Coffee at Home

The Top 5 Rules For The Best Cup of Coffee at Home

There is nothing like having a good cup of coffee in the morning. Having your morning coffee for most of us is essential. It sets the mood for the day, and it gets you going, it lets you take on the day's challenges. While most of us probably don't put too much thought into the coffee brewing process at home, there are a few rules that you should follow in order to make that morning cup of coffee a whole lot better. I mean sure, you can spend your money at the local donut shop, but we both know we shouldn't be there anyway. You could also spend your whole paycheck on that venti caramel macchiato, but I would instead save my money and make a better cup of coffee at home.

Making the best cup of coffee at home is easier than you think if you follow these 5 rules for brewing your coffee at home.

  1. Always Buy Fresh Beans
  2. Store Your Coffee Beans Properly
  3. Choose Good Coffee Beans
  4. Use Cold Filtered Water
  5. Keep Your Coffee Gear Clean

That's it! That's all you need to do to make the best cup of coffee at home. It is that simple. Rule number 1 is, by far, the most important rule. 

Always Buy Fresh Beans

When you buy freshly roasted beans, there is no comparison to that other stuff found at the local grocery store. You don't know how long it's been sitting there. Do your self a favor and buy freshly roasted coffee.

At Four Roses Coffee we roast our beans the day you order them. They come shipped fast and straight to your door, what is better than that? Go check out the store and explore all of our different blends.

Store Your Coffee Beans Properly

It is essential that you keep your fresh beans, well fresh. To do this, choose a suitable airtight container. You could use a glass jar or any container that has a rubber gasket to ensure your beans stay fresh. Keep those beans at room temperature, and never refrigerate your beans.

Choose Good Coffee Beans

Don't buy just any old regular coffee beans you find at the store. I mean, you can, but you may be left disappointed. There is nothing like buying the best beans, and it makes brewing coffee at home more enjoyable. Let's face it the coffee you buy at the store uses cheap alternatives. They leave a very nasty and very harsh flavor. Sure they get the job done when you run out of your Four Roses Coffee beans, but you won't enjoy that journey. Spend time and buy fresh. It is still cheaper than buying that venti.

Use Cold Filtered Water

Always use cold filtered water, never from the tap. You will ruin your coffee if you use tap water that has traces of chlorine or metallic flavors. Don't buy fresh beans only to waste them with unfiltered room temp water.

Keep Your Coffee Gear Clean

Keep your coffee gear clean by making sure you clean them every other week at the least. Rise out your equipment as soon as you are finished brewing, letting your gear air dry before the nest use. If you use a coffee brew system like a Keurig, buy the cleaning solution and clean as soon as its indicated. Keeping your gear clean will ensure that you get the best cup of coffee every time.

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