How To Save Money on Your Coffee

How To Save Money on Your Coffee

Let's admit it we can't begin our day without our morning coffee. Real coffee addicts wouldn't dare to step out the door without it. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, and we spend a lot of money on finding the right roast or at our favorite coffee shop.

If we are honest with ourselves, we don't think that $3 here or $5 there on a cup of coffee is a lot of money. However, it does add up. Before I realized it myself, I was spending a lot of my money at the local coffee shop. When I looked at my bank statements at the end of the month, I was amazed at just how much that little cup of goodness cost me.

After that, I asked myself there has to be a way to save more money and not sacrifice on the quality of my coffee, because we all know a real coffee lover would never give up their coffee. You would have to pry my coffee mug out of my cold dead hands before I do.

So here are some ways I found that you could save money on your coffee.

1. Make Your Own Coffee

Making your coffee at home is probably the most obvious way to save money. It's simple, stop going to Starbucks and paying $5 for a venti coffee and instead make that coffee at home. Buying your coffee grounds and then brewing it at home will save you a ton!

But, you might be saying to yourself, "it's not the same." Trust me, I know, however, buying quality beans that are freshly roasted makes a BIG difference.

Four Roses Coffee has a wide variety of different flavor choices, like Caramel Hazelnut or Mexican Chocolate, that will make you wonder why you didn't buy your coffee roast from Four Roses Coffee Company sooner. The beans are roasted and shipped the day you order for the best quality and freshness.

2. Buy A Quality Coffee Maker

Now that you are buying your coffee beans, you should invest in a quality coffee maker. There are plenty of excellent ways to make coffee and many ways to brew it. You can test out your favorite. But by far the best i=and easiest is a coffee maker.

You may be tempted to buy one of those Pod coffee makers as they are trendy; however, the price of having to buy more coffee pods consistently can quickly stack up. Don't get me wrong the single-serve life is incredible, especially if you are living alone, and it's probably still cheaper than going to the mega coffee chain.

3. Learn To Froth Your Own Milk

You might be wondering how frothing your own milk will save you money. Well, you cant have a cappuccino without it. You can buy a milk frother at Ikea for $0.99, and it only takes a few minutes. This will help reduce the urge to go out a buying coffee at an overpriced cafe. I mean, if you can make it at home, no need to go out, right?

4. Make Homemade Creamer

Buying flavored coffee creamer can be as or even more expensive than the coffee itself. Depending on how much you use. Making your creamer at home can save you a ton and allow you to get creative. Test out different types of creamer recipes and make the perfect creamer for your ideal coffee.

5. Treat Yo Self!

Let's admit it, we love our coffee, and we love our favorite cafe. There's no stopping it. However, you can reduce it by setting a goal. If you want to save money but can't afford to give up going to that favorite cafe, challenge yourself only to go once a week. Choose a day like Friday, put a dollar in a jar each day you don't go to the cafe, and when you have enough in the pot, treat yo self!

Visit us at Four Roses Coffee to get your coffee beans so you can start saving money and still enjoy your coffee. Our coffee is roasted the same day you order, ensuring that your coffee is delivered to you fresh.

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